EPC now automatically tracks and highlights all changes within all WORD documents uploaded into the system. This helps users to quickly visualize the changes completed between multiple users and versions and provides an additional level of audit transparency required for compliance.


This new feature supports Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Also, this feature tracks changes like:

  • complex Formatting like bullets, tables, fonts
  • text formatting like changes in font style, size, color, bullet added, etc.
  • Documents (any) with complex rich text formatting

How it works

1. To use this feature, users upload a new document (Doc 2) to replace old one (Doc 1). To compare the documents, the new and all version have to have the same document format.

For Example: below we can see the version 1 of the document. If users want to make changes, they have to download the document to edit it.

Once users have downloaded the document, users can edit it and save the changes. Then upload the new version 2.

To upload the document, users go to the DETAILS page of the document and click on edit. The Edit document form opens, in the first section, users can choose or drag the new document.

Once the document has been uploaded, the preview button is greyed out as the preview with the changes are being generated. users can refresh to see it.

To have a more detailed view of the changes, users can download the document and all the changes are displayed as we can see in the document below.

Once the document is ready for publication, user can publish and the doc compare stops showing the changes as that is declared as the official document.

Users can find all the previous edited version in Version History. Each document will have the track changes from the previous document. The document compare highlights text/sections in red/green based on specific changes

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