Now in EPC, users can create Record(s) directly from standardized forms & templates. This new feature automatically selects the required documents that need to be completed based on the scenario (eg. GxP related project requires all docs tagged with mandatory for GxP projects). Moreover, during the creation process the system provides the ability to tag all records with specific attributes at once (eg. Project or Product Name/Number).

How it works?

To use this feature, users have to select a set or folder on the tree of Documents module and be in DETAILS page.

There, users click on the arrow next to Edit. Once the extendable list appears, users click on Create Records

If the user selected a set, then the copy of the record is created right away.

If the user selected a folder, then the user can select where to create this records, filter the copies by attribute and decide to mass update the attributes or not.

The Filter by Attributes Values form is the same as the attributes form. There, users can select the attribute to filter the document with those characteristics.

If the Mass Update Attributes is not selected, then the Objects are successfully copied.

If the Mass Update Attributes is selected, then the form Add attributes to Copied objects opens after saving. There users can edit the attributes of the copied document and save them.

After editing the attributes, users receive the message “All custom attributes were modified successfully”

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