Now in EPC to reduce the number of clicks required when creating a new process, a new Create & Map button has been added which allows you to immediately start mapping the flow-objects upon naming the process. Create & Close option is still available for when you quickly want to build-out the architecture but are not yet ready to map the details.

How it Works?

To use this new feature users have to create a new process. User can create a new process by clicking on new in 4 places.

  • in DETAILS page > Click on New > Click on Process
  • in GRAPH page > Click on New > Click on Process
  • Right clicking in a set or process > Select New Process
  • Click on button NEW on the top left of the page > Select Process > Select Process

Then a form to Add a new process opens to input the information about the new Process. After added all the information needed in the process, users click on Create and Map Button.

When users click on the button to create and map the new Process. Then users are redirected to the edit page of the graph so they can star designing their process.

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