In the new Capability module in EPC, modelers and system admin can easily edit capabilities to change relationships with the other objects, add properties, and set values to the capabilities to facilitate the analysis.


When users Edit a capability, a form appears to allow user make changes on:

- What is the Capability?
- What are the responsibilities?
- Select Process Relationship?
- Select document Relationship?
- Select Performance Relationship?
- Select Organizational Relationship?
- Select Asset Relationship?
- Select Role Relationship?
- Select Resources Relationship?
-Select Business Rule Relationship?
- Select Risk Relationship?
- Select Control Relationship?

- What type of Capability is this?
- Which Categories are applicable?
-What are the Attributes?

- Business Value
- Technical Health
- Importance to Strategy
- Competitive Positioning
- SWOT analysis
- Maturity

How it works

In GENERAL, users can edit the capability and the relationships.

In PROPERTIES, users can edit the type, category and attributes of the capability.

In ANALYSIS, users can give a value of the capability in Business Value, Technical Health and Importance to Strategy. As well as, editing the value of Competitive Positioning, make changes to SWOT analysis and edit the maturity of the process.

Finally, Users click on Save and Close to save changes.

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