Now in EPC, when documents are sent for approval with an electronic signature, users can view the approval document by expanding the pending approval message in all modules. The format of the approval document is as follows: the cover page, signature are added to the second page and the object information follows. Only in the Document object, after the object information, users can see the original document being approved. This allows users to keep track of the object information being approved and to know by whom it was approved.

How it works

To use this feature, users send object for approval with e -signature.

Once the approval has been sent. The approval document is generated, this can take sometime, users should keep working and then refresh the page to see the two documents.

Note: The button Approve is disabled until the approval document is generated.

Users have two documents, one editable word doc to track the feedback and one digitally signed PDF doc. To see them, expand the message “Pending approval” by clicking on the downward arrow. The pdf approval document has a cover, the second page is where the signature are added once the object is approved and following is the information of the object. For Document object, the approval PDF document also includes the original document sent for approval.

Note: if the pdf document is not being shown, please refresh the page again.

Once the object has been approved, the Approval pending turns into Approved and it is highlighted in green.

Then the users can preview or download the approval document of the approved object. The approval document is generated is generated by the system.

This document includes the cover

In the second page the signature of the approver(s)

following users will find the information of the object starting with the table of content

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