EPC’s V12.3 brings significant improvements on previously known issues that will enhance user experience. The following are this release’s most recent fixed issues.


The issues with the shape types and their target rasci values not displaying on graph mode edit after being saved & closed is now resolved.


The problem with transitions disappearing between two flow objects have now been corrected, we are now able to copy-paste and do undo-redo on objects without the transition disappearing.

Additionally, undo/redo copy/paste is now supported in transition colour. Apart from that the default name on top of the gateway is retained as expected.

Finally, users are now able to save the page after changing event characteristic and then click undo redo.

UDA Attributes

In the earlier version, the drop down multi-select UDA list will disappear after creating a new attribute. This issue with the drop-down multi-select UDA have been fixed. The drop-down values are now visible to the users for editing.

Link to Object

Previously, link to object feature failed to preview the descriptions related to each linked object. In this current version, clicking on a linked object from the detail page will expand a tooltip and preview the linked object’s description.


When sending a business object for approval, the e-signature feature was preventing users from enabling the approval cycle. This issues has been fixed and is working properly in v12.3.

Dots in General Search

The issues with text containing dots, such as sequence numbers, that are not able to search are fixed. Now we are able to do elastic search for the text containing dots and sequence numbers.

Zero Values in Analysis

Previously, when a user enables the analysis options on the graph page, all the labels were shown even though some of them don’t have any value. This issue has been fixed and now it displays only the values that are greater than zero.

Filtering in Analysis

The issue with filtering in the analysis by Name and Type that does not work properly has now been corrected. Now we are able to filter both name and type together.

Copy-Paste Map

Previously, when the user copy flow objects from one process to another, the flow object was getting placed randomly in some process and far away from the map. This issue has been fixed and now it is working as expected.

Flat Map with Material icon

In the earlier version, when a user changes the process preference of a flat map with a material icon, the annotation goes to a random place. This issue has been fixed and now even if the process preference is changed, the annotation is placed as expected.

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