The following major new features and capabilities have been introduced in the 12.3 release

Assignment & Justification Type | In EPC, an instance of assignment type represents a specific description between two business object (such as an association between a Process object and a Document object).

Custom Flowchart | EPC 12.3 now provides a new level of customization to your process maps by allowing the addition of custom images to replace standard flow chart shapes.

UDA Export and Import To with Excel | EPC’s export and import to excel feature has been extended to include UDAs. Analysts can now export EPC object to an excel format and to re-import them back to EPC into a new environment or to update existing objects with new data

Process Map Image Capturing | EPC now provides users with a functionality to capture the view of a process map as a PNG image to later paste in an external document such as a Word document or Powerpoint presentation.

Community | Be part of Interfacing’s new community portal. Engage in discussion with subject matter experts, find range of tutorials offering tips and lessons on wide variety of features in EPC, and discover a wealth of help documentations and videos from services and support reports to templates.

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