EPC allows users now to reference any other EPC object in any rich text field of another EPC object. For instance, a role created in the organization module can now be referenced in the procedure field of a process task. By doing so, end-users are provided with the description of the role by simply hovering over the role when reading the procedure.

This feature can be used in tasks’ procedure, process description, process goal, and description of any other EPC object (document, rule, risk, etc.)

Once object 1 is referenced in object 2, the impact graph and list of both objects are updated to show that relationship. This grants analysts a better perspective on the relationship between objects for better managing their changes and modifications.


To access the feature, a user highlights the desired text within a text box and right-clicks. A drop-down menu will appear showing the link-to-object feature; in turn, this will enable a window to search and select a preferred object found within EPC. Once this is done and the initial text box is saved, the details page will present the entire text with the object highlighted. When the cursor crosses over the linked text, a pop-up will appear showing the linked definition.


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