EPC’s V12.2 brings the current issues that will be fixed in the following upgrades.

Document Generation

SOP documentation currently does not generate when special characters belonging the Latin character list appears in a process description.

Graph Editing

Currently, objects with very long names and no space in between words prevent the text wrap option from functioning correctly in maps. Next, two objects both possessing critical paths cannot have colors set on their transition arrows. Following the context of transitions, when two transitions come from one port, rerouting ports will damage the port links. Also, if an event or a gateway’s name is too long, the name will overlap the flow object unless a user double-clicks or saves the edits. Next, when IPL’s are set to either icon or annotation and a user decides to locate or add an event and assign an IPL to another process, once the map is saved and a user clicks on the shape name, the IPL’s shape is not maintained. Additionally, default process preferences that are set in the admin settings do not reflect on sub-processes that are added through the graph editing. Finally, when assets or artifacts are added to a new swimlane process, changing any object corrupts the map.

Tabs & Navigation

When users click on an object from a set level and navigates to the detail’s tab, the detail’s tab cannot currently load. Additionally, when users approve or reject a document while viewing its graph tab, the page reloads blank instead of showing the graph tab of the given document with options to approve, reject or endorse. Next, when comparing graphs, the graph on the left is automatically set to have auto-layout applied. Finally, when navigating to the homepage and creating a “My Objects” widget, when selecting objects with many types, the widget is incapable of showing all the necessary data.


When Firefox users click on a preview icon for a “docx” document; instead of showing a preview box, users will be asked to open/download a pdf version.


When importing a process and editing its graph, the canvas do not surround shapes in maps.


Additionally, users that only have publish-view will see notification for actions on never published objects that are still in draft.

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