EPC’s V12.2 brings significant improvements on previously known issues that will enhance user experience. The following are this release’s most recent fixed issues.


Translations suggestions options on task has been added for the procedure section of its details form to allow for full details page translation coherence. Additionally, issues with translations when opening an object’s detail page from a graph has been corrected.


BPMN imports are now successful, even if the destination process does not have the (???). Additionally, BPMN documentation imports can now be imported as descriptions. Finally, in terms of regular EPC imports, UDA values are no longer shown as null.

Details page

Issues saving process shortcuts, as well as saving and editing flow objects in the details page have now been corrected.


The graph tab header with double, the ref/local drop-down button has been correct. Additionally, whether a user is editing an object’s name on a graph or swimlane map, the object will now resize on both maps. Finally, when editing a graph, the “New” button no longer appears in the tools header; it is only shown when on the graph tab’s header.


Trouble logging in once a Web Admin Environment has been deleted through the system admin page has been corrected; users can now log back in as usual.


Loading issues in tree selector for users without “read permission” have been corrected; these users can now enjoy a quick loading of the tree selector. Additionally, errors when refreshing a indexed search have been corrected and the appropriate results are now shown.

Process Book Generation

When a process book is generating, the appropriate indenting will now be saved and reflected in the generated document.

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