EPC’s newest updates on the graph will enhance many areas, mainly those of navigation, settings and editing of maps.


“Up” Navigation Icon

Within the navigation updates, EPC now has the Up icon accessible through the process graph tab to allow users to navigate between sub-processes and parent processes.


Process Map Description Icon

A newly added process description on a map’s title will allow users to have quicker insight into the context of the map; in turn, allowing for a faster understanding of a process’ map.



Limit Views on Processes

Amongst EPC’s map settings updates, user will be capable of choosing the quantity of processes one can see in a process set level through the system administration settings. This will create a decent limit on sets to maintain a reasonable loading time.


New Event and Gateway Annotation Style

A new event and gateway style has been created for EPC users; it has the same format as the Input-Output Annotation Setting style (transparent link, no border, transparent background) and it will behave like the current Event and Gateway Annotation Types (i.e. it will possess the auto-layout behavior). Users will be capable of changing event and gateway styles through the Map Settings under the Icons and Annotations.

Gateway & Event annotation locations/positions are also now preserved when saved



EPC has made multiple changes involving editing on maps.

Copy/Paste, Move and Edit on Right-Click

User will now be capable of copying, pasting, moving multiple selected objects and edit event and gateway names by right-clicking on the mouse to facilitate editing.


New Intermediate Event in Stencil

Users will now be capable of adding the new intermediate events on maps directly from the stencil allowing users to edit maps at a much faster rate.


Set Color on Transitions

To allow for more specialization diversity and creativity, users can now edit the colors of transitions between events and tasks on maps.


Zoom Lock

In terms of zooming, users will maintain their desired zoom level after clicking on auto-layout or reroute; instead, the zoom will be kept at the user’s desired magnitude. Additionally, to enhance the experience on all maps and orientations, users will now have humps/ bridges on crossing/interlacing transitions.

IPL Search with Sequence Number Assistance

Users will finally be capable of searching objects through the IPL search suggestion by inputting the sequence numbers.


“New” Button on Graph Tab

Users will finally be capable of creating new objects from the graph tab as well. It will function exactly as like the “New” button on the Details page. This will allow for quicker action taking and accessibility to necessary features from all tabs.


Input/Output Exact Match

When adding an input or an output to a graph transition, EPC suggested results as the users typed in the characters of the input/output label they were looking for. We have enhanced this feature by adding the possibility to limit the suggested results to exact matches only (e.g. results will not include partial matches)


Keep port and re-route transition in maps

Flows element refers to elements (e.g., activities, events, and gateways) that are connected to form a complete process flow. Connectors to the flow element are called connecting objects. In a complex map, where there are multiple flow elements and many connecting objects, adjusting the connectors’ location can create overlapping issues. EPC 12.2 improves your process map editing capability using a new reroute option which optimizes the best layouts based on the new locations of the connectors and the overall location of the flow elements.


Split Gateway and Events Annotation Selection

Users will notice that the event and gateway entities in the Icons and Annotations section of graph settings have been separated. This has been done to facilitate their management to respectfully manage them as different entities; allowing for more flexibility and order when creating and editing graphs.


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