The following major new enhancements and capabilities have been introduced in the 12.2 release.

Graph Enhancements

“Up” Navigation Icon | When on a map of a process in graph mode, this new button allows users to navigate faster to the map of the parent process

Process Map Description Icon | Users can now access the process’ description from an icon on the process map

Set level process display limit To improve performance, admins are now capable of limiting the number of processes to display at the process set level.

New Event And Gateway Annotation Style | EPC now has a new annotation style for Event and Gateways.

Quicker map editing | User can now copy and paste flow objects using the right-click on their mouse, as well as multi-selecting several flow objects by dragging their mouse. In addition, users can now double click on an event and/or gateway to edit its name.

Intermediate Event added to Stencil | When editing a process, the object stencils now include intermediate events in order to allow users faster access to this type of flow objcts.

Set Color On Transitions | To allow for better visibility and creativity, users can now set colors on transitions arrows in graphs.

Graph Zoom Lock | When using the reroute feature, the zooming magnitude is now maintained.

IPL Search With Sequence Number Assistance | To allow users to better identify the processes they wish to link, the sequence number has been added to appear on the IPL list search to facilitate its selection.

“New” Button On Graph Tab | Users can now add new objects from the Graph tab, as they previously have been able to on the Details and List tabs.

Keep port and re-route transition in maps | EPC 12.2 improves your process map editing capability using a new reroute option which optimizes the best layouts based on the new locations of the connectors and the overall location of the flow elements.

Reduce minimum space on material annotation before putting the X | To provide for condensed legible maps, we reduced the size of all annotations and materials by removing extra white space and hiding the [X] to close an annotation or material and only display it with mouse roll-over.

Input/Output Exact Match | Input/Output search field enhanced with an option to limit results to exact matches only.

Split Gateway and Events Annotation Selection | To facilitate the management of settings for Events and Gateways, their settings have been separated to manage them as different entities respectfully.

Glossary Module Enhancements

Impact Graph | An impact graph has been added to the Glossary modules to better view associations related to terms within the module; allowing users to truly understand the relationship between many elements within EPC.

Glossary Information Auto-Update | Users do not need to worry about the consistency of the information found in their linked-texts. Any information updated on the Glossary module will also update in the tool-tip shown on the given linked texts.

Locked Column | Locked items in the glossary module can now be shown and filtered for in the List view of the module.

List View Enhancements

New “Last Modified By” Column On All Modules | Modules now show columns indicating which user has last modified an object; this allows for team members or the users themselves to find their own work or that of a colleague must faster.

Empty/Not Empty Filters On UDA Columns | To help filter data based on UDA’s, EPC now allows users to filter these further by choosing to list empty or non-empty UDA-based data.

RASCI Column In Organisation Module | As of now, all modules now possess the RASCI column to filter for in list views, including assets in the Organization module.

Additional Enhancements

Secondary Save/Add button | Submit object creation and modification quickly with the addition of a new Save & Close button at the top right corner of any edit details page.

Generate missing PDF previews for documents | When documents are uploaded, EPC creates a pdf preview for each supporting document. While this process runs periodically, administrators now have the ability to run or rerun it on the spot with a click of a button from the admin section.

Email Notification for Maturity Target Date | Process Maturity information reflects the current state of a business process lifecycle, as well as the target date to attain a new level of maturity. In this release, users who are accountable or responsible for a process, will receive an email notification 30 days before the next maturity target.

Include SETS within Single Process Export | Export and import an entire process set level and its associated business processes as an EPC data file from one environment to another.

Performance Enhancements | EPC v12.2 bring performance improvements and enhancements to multiple areas and features of the webapp. By modifying technical backend methods used in loading pages and optimizing the number of calls between EPCs’ interface and the system database. These new improvements ensure an ameliorated and more seamless experience for end-users as well as users in edit mode.
Google Analytics Regex Filtering: Regular expressions (regex for short) can help speed up your use of Google Analytics as well as add extra flexibility to the way you include (or exclude) particular data and information from reports.

UI in Swedish and Hebrew | EPC’s user interface is now available in Swedish and Hebrew

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