EPC Import

After importing an EPC file containing freeze-relationships, the imported relationships are no longer invalid in the database and allow them to remain frozen after import. Additionally, objects previously unable to be imported due to localization have been fixed and can now be properly imported.

Purge Environment

Previous issues with purging environments have been fixed.

SOP generation

Issues with downloading and time outs on SOP have been fixed. Additionally, the template selection window no longer displays options that do not belong to non-process objects.

List View

Reset to default issues in the list view have now been fixed and user can now restore to the default column layout.

IPL process tree selector

Users can select flow objects from a drop-down list after selecting an process through the tree selector when editing the IPL.

Timeout Time

The timeout issues have been fixed and users now are logged off after 10 minutes of inactivity.


The template selection lists will no longer display an error message when a searched template is not found within the first 10 listed.

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