EPC Upgrade

EPC upgrades would previously only be updated if the main language of the system was set to English, it has now been programmed to updated regardless of main language.

E-signature & Approvals in SSO

Approvals in SSO will no longer show an approval authentication pop-up window sending a secret-code when e-signature is disabled.

Approval dialog box

Approval dialog box text have been synthesized to show only applicable information, non-applicable information will no longer be shown

Text box annotation padding

White space between words has been synthesized to reduce the padding on text box annotations, giving a cleaner and concise look.

IE browser

EPC Web portal will now warn user of the incompatibility on Internet Explorer browser.


Pagination on EPC has been adapted to display text in the Interface Language set up

Organization Module

A RASCI column has been added to the organization module’s list view.

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