Process maps can be designed in EPC in two styles: Graph Flowchart (flatmap) or Swimlane Flowchart.

EPC admins can preset one of the two styles as the default preference for all processes. E.G if default is set to “swimlane” when a new process is created it is automatically set to be designed in swimlane.

EPC content editors have however the capability to change this preference on a specific process if they consider that the process will be better designed in a different style.

When the process specific style preference doesn’t match the environment default style preset by the admin, the content editor will be prompted with the option to keep the process preference or to match it with the default.

By keeping the process preference, EPC editors can display specific key items that are meaningful to them, filter out any unnecessary information and have a better understanding of a process.

By selecting the option to match, EPC editors will match their view settings to that of the company’s map preferences and maintain a standard for process creation.

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