EPC’s V12.1 brings significant improvements on previously known issues that will enhance user experience. The following are this release’s most recent fixed issues.

Edit Responsibilities

Previously, RASCI responsibilities were tied to numerous actions to properly add, remove or edit them. In this current version, removing a user’s responsibility no longer requires ongoing confirmation requests. This will allow for the editing process to become much less complex and increase its speed.


Clients who had data created in older versions of EPC (V9 and earlier, when content editors used EPC’s the now defunct java modeller) were not able to delete documents of type:“Generated from Template”. This issue has been fixed and these types of documents can now be deleted like any other object in EPC.

Process Book Generation

Previously Process book generation failed when the selected process included an expanded subprocess. This issue has been fixed and process books will generate regardless if the subprocess is expanded or not.


In earlier versions, the auto-layout feature would not adapt materials and annotations; in other words, it would not revert these back into their original locations. This issue has now been fixed and the auto-layout feature places both materials and annotations back to their proper location as it does to all other mapping elements.

Tables Auto Translation

When descriptions and procedures included tables and content editors switch languages in the edit form, the auto translation features wasn’t providing translation suggestions. This issue has been fixed and is working properly as of v12.1

Undo/Redo in Swimlane

While editing in swimlane mode the undo and redo options will no longer wipe out the map.

Shortcut Creation

Creation of a shortcut to a subprocess of the same map used to fail and return errors. This issue was fixed.

Reminders from deleted environments

When an environment is deleted it’ll no longer send any reminder as email notification to the users who used to be associated to objects in that environment

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