The following major new enhancements and capabilities have been introduced in the 12.1 release.

Creation of Shortcuts in Swimlane | While mapping in swimlane mode users can now add shortcuts to existing processes and existing tasks from other processes to enhance map creation. Previously this feature was limited to mapping in flatmap mode

Artifacts added to Audit & Compare | Artifacts are now included within audit trail and compare features (similar to other flow-objects).

Object Book Enhancement | EPC allows users to generated documents out of their EPC data using various standard and customizable templates. New options are now available in order to enhance the quality and extensibility of the books’ content: improved process maps dimensions and page fit, insertion of images according to preset dimensions, insertion of RACI matrices, addition of a list of used acronyms, exclusion of minor versions from audit trail, and display of input and outputs on maps.

Create Environment Default List View | Admins can now customize which columns appear within list view as environment default for all their users. Users can still customize their views as well and restore to default view at any time.

Tooltip on Tree & List Views | When names are too long, they can be hidden in Tree and List views. Now users can hover their mouse over the name to easily view the full name of the object

Requirement & User Acceptance Test on Task | Previously only available on processes, Requirement and User Acceptance Test fields are now available on all flow objects as well. This allows you to capture the specific requirements and UATs per task when doing system analysis for development, configuration, deployment and testing. (Use this information in system req and UAT books)

IPL Tree Selector | Navigate through the process hierarchy when creating an IPL, provides a user-friendly way to select which process you want to link to when you do not know its name (similar to all other assignment hierarchies)

Sequence Order in RASCI | Edit RASCI assignment matrix is now sorted by flow object sequence number to simplify the assignment effort

View Publish Comment in Version History | Easily view a user’s comments recorded during publishing of objects from all past versions directly in the version history

Minor Publish Does not Update in Version History | The review date is updated only when a major version is published, no longer the case for minor versions. Minor version updates like a spelling mistake will no longer reset your automated next object review date.

Preview Document in Edit Form | Users can now preview their documents directly from while on the edit form in order to better know which document they are adding or replacing

Document Properties in Details Page: | Users can now see the name, size, and extension of the file uploaded as a document in the document module

Widget to Filter Categories | Users can now create general widgets that show information classified by custom categories. (Eg. Policies, or eForms)

Improved Details Page Layout | The details page layout has been optimized to improve readability and simplicity. We reduced wasted space, better organize subsection structure and naming conventions, further optimized the layout for mobile devices and remove subsections whenever they are empty.

Tree Selector Enhancements | Users can select object form the left hand side of the tree selector popup. In addition, users can save a click by using the “Add + Close” button within the tree assignment selector pop-up window upon selecting an object to assign. Users still have the ability to use the “add” multiple as well before closing the pop-up assignment window.

View Process Name in Edit Graph Mode | Users can easily know which process they are currently viewing with the name added directly above the graph

Task duration used in Simulation | The default duration time entered per task within the analysis module will now be included as the default within the BPMN2.0 simulation. Users can still run what-if scenarios by changing this information directly within the simulator.

Map Annotations Improvements | To provide for condensed legible maps, we Reduced the size of all ANNOTATIONS and MATERIALS by removing extra wasted white space and hiding the [X] to close an annotation or material and only display it with mouse roll-over

Easier Change of Preferred Process Map | Editors can now easily opt to have the preferred map style (flatmap or swimlane) of process they are working match the preference of their environment.

Events & Gateway Annotation Settings | In order to offer users more flexibility on how to display process maps and which icons or annotations to show and hide, users can now select icons and annotations for gateways and events separately. This setting was previously common to both events and gateways.

UI in Romanian | EPC’s user interface is now available in Romanian

Performance Enhancements | EPC v12.1 bring major performance improvements and enhancements to multiple areas and features of the webapp. These new improvements ensure an ameliorated and more seamless experience for end users as well as users in edit mode.

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