Parse, convert and upload PDF/Word text-based documents directly into EPC content. Convert your current standard operating procedures, user manuals, training guides and work instructions into process maps including all related information as well (roles, systems, regulations, glossary terms, KPIs, risks or controls). Also useful for converting external law and regulatory documentation from PDF sources (e.g. FDA, FAA, SOX, NRC, ISO, etc.) into EPC libraries as well.

This parsing capability simplifies data migration from legacy documents and shortens the path towards full data and process digitalization.

1. The parser starts scanning the document and breaking it in individual sections and rearrange them into a standard representation.

2. The algorithm interprets the data based on the parsing rules and data tags set by editors for each of EPC’s data objects (Processes, Master Data, Risks, Controls, Documents, Organization, Roles, Asset, Rules, and Glossary terms).

3. The parser then migrate the data into EPC’s matching objects. This migration will automatically build all associations between objects (e.g. responsible role, used rule, etc.); it also includes text formatting style and images.

Re-Use | While the parser is a powerful tool to migrate new content it can also be used to update existing content in EPC.

By using a parsing your document into EPC, your business can benefit in many ways, including:
• Removing the need for data entry, thereby saving you time and money
• Eliminating duplication errors
• Improving the speed and process of data migration
• Removing the need for manual organization

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