Tree Selectors are used by content editor when assigning or associating an EPC object to another; they provide a hierarchical view of each EPC module’s data hence allowing users to find the object they want to assign through its hierarchy. They are very useful when the editor is not sure of the name of the object or which object to assign.
V12.1 provides the following three new enhancements:

1- Tree selectors have two components: the module hierarchy on the left (sets, folders, organization units, etc.) and the content of each hierarchy object on the right (documents, rules, risk, etc.). Previously, users were only able to select content from the right component. They can now also select from the left, the hierarchy tree. For example, if a user wishes to assign an organization unit to a task, she previously had to select the parent of the desired organization unit on the left, then pick the said unit from the list on the right. Since organization units are hierarchy items and appear on the left, she can now directly select it from the left. (applicable to: Organization Units, Objectives, KPIs, KRI’s, KCI’s, process )

2- After selecting an item from the tree or list, users had to click “add” and then click on close in the assignment pop-up. Now when they are done they can simply click “Add & Close” for a quicker way to exist the pop-up

3- For easier access to EPC object while assigning, the hierarchy view filter is now set by default to “Current level & below”. If the user changes this filter level, EPC will save the change as the new user preference (applicable to that user only)

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