The following major new features and capabilities have been introduced in the 12.0 release

Swimlane Mapping | New Swimlane mapping capabilities.
Improved Text Editor | New text tool featuring the ability to create tables, bullet lists and many more.
New List View features | New list structuring capabilities.
Endorsement Cycle | In-team endorsement cycle for proper reviewal by team leaders to ensure adequacy of information before an approval cycle.
Module Security | Module view restrictions for user and/or groups.
Requirements and UAT | Requirement and User Acceptance Test properties for objects in a process to facilitate team information access and cooperation.
Intelligent Suggestion Approvers & Endorsers | Resource suggestions for new objects based on similar previous objects.
Intelligent Impact Analysis| Indirect objects impacted suggestions on objects based on similar characteristics and components.
Last Visited tab | Last 10 previously navigated windows tab.
Out-of-Sync Comparison | In-Preview comparison tool on out-of-sync objects.
Rule Comparison | Compare Rules with previous published versions.
Mandatory Comments | Environment-focused feature requiring comments on procedure steps.
Task Delegation | Delegate improvement request as well as approval and endorsement cycles.
Sub-Process Localisation | Localisation on a parent includes its sub-processes
Sub-Process Referencing | Referencing a parent references its sub-processes
SOP Multi level Generation | SOP Generation include a process and its children

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