Simulation now work for processes with many flow objects

Print Option

Printing available on Internet Explorer for any object’s details page, “Show Published” button appears after exiting Print and the print toolbar button is now displayed within print view.

Show Changes

Show changes translations for UI for hardcoded approval vote are now available and works properly on Process Set Graph


Administrative widgets are no longer empty after environment switching


EPC import improvements overall and Excel Import format works correctly.

Delete Option

Invalid file removal is now possible for Collaboration and Document during a creation


Button layout no longer overlap and Description wrapping on Maps

Subprocess & Shortcuts

IPLs no longer show up as broken when exploring subprocess/shortcuts


Users can be logged into the EPC Application using TOTP authentication

Elastic Search

Elastic search improvement overall


Translation no longer has the 3000 Character limitation

Graph & Swimlane Map

Material Name no longer overlaps, and process preferences default values are fixed and set in environment admin

Process Book

Generation of process books for published versions issues are fixed, book downloads tracking is now available

List View

Tree selector is now independent from list tab view

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