These templates are applicable to the process module. Templates include:

  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Process Audit
  • Snapshot
  • Analysis

Standard Operating Procedure

This is a standard template designed to be used as a Procedure book. This template includes:

  • A cover page
  • Purpose of the process (description)
  • Goal of the process
  • Scope
  • Process map
  • Procedure (description of flow objects of the process)
  • Documentation References (associated documents)
  • Revision History

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Process Audit

This template can be used to obtain an overview of the process for audit purposes. This template includes:

  • Process overview
  • Revision history
  • Process description
  • Responsibilities
  • Related documents
  • Procedure

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This template provides a quick overview of the process and is meant to be a short summary of the process. This template includes:

  • Process overview
  • Goal, Description
  • Categories, Localization
  • Quick process history
  • Scope

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This template provides an analysis report for a process. This template includes

  • Cover page
  • Purpose, goal and map of the process
  • Process analysis data
  • Process maturity
  • Task analysis

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