Task Folders are a way to classify and organize tasks.

Resource and Role Groups

Folders are separated into 2 groups: user folders and role folders. A resource refers to the user, while a role refers to a job title associated with an user. The DBP allows for roles to be linked to resources. Applications within the DBP can be designed set up so that tasks are sent to resources (meaning the user) or to roles.

In the example above, tasks can either be organized by resource or by role, depending on the workflow of the application. (e.g. If an audit app sends tasks to Audit Coordinators, the workflow tasks will be located in the Audit Coordinator’s task list).

There are 3 default folders:

  • Pending Tasks
  • Drafts
  • Completed Tasks

Pending Tasks

Tasks that have been not yet opened and addressed


Tasks that been opened and saved but not submitted will be moved from the Pending Tasks folder

Completed Tasks

Tasks that have been completed