This feature allows, the user to target specific control, that needs data to be able to submit the form.

Field validation is available for the following controls:

  • Multi-Select dropdown;
  • Comment;
  • Single-Select Dropdown;
  • DateTimePicker & Time picker;
  • FileAttachment;
  • Multi-Line TextBox;
  • Numeric Text Box;
  • Password Box;
  • TextBox;
  • Radio-button list

Adding a validation

  1. To be able to add a validation to a control, a form behavior needs to be created first.
  2. Then by clicking on the … of Control Behavior field, the field validation will open.
  3. To the control, 2 type of validation can be added:
  • Has field Validator: Means this control needs to have any king of data in it.
  • Has Range Validator: Means this control need a specific number of characters. For example, a phone number, cannot be less then 10 digits but no more then 15.