1. Entity representation as a diagram

Access features such as entity definition, attribute definition, etc., from this box by right-clicking on existing components (such as the entity name or attributes).

2. Right-click on attribute

Right-click on the attribute to have access to the following features:

New Attribute: The new attribute window will open. See attribute form section for more information.
Unique Index: You can choose indexes for your entity. See Index Options for more information.

See attribute form section
Copy Attribute: Copy the selected attribute and paste it into the application.
Copy Entity: The selected entity including all of its attributes are copied and can be pasted later in the application. See Paste Entity
Paste: The copied attribute is added to the selected entity.
Delete from Diagram: The selected entity will be removed from the Diagram page.
Delete Entity: The entity and all its components are deleted after verifying its associations and dependencies.
Delete Attribute: The selected attribute is deleted.
Show dependencies: The related entities will be displayed on the diagram page.