Guard is similar to Event Action, i.e, it runs simultaneously with the execution of an event. In addition, a guard can prevent the occurrence of the event.

A guard can be defined in two ways:

1.Select “Guard” under the “Business Logics” set in the Open Application tree

2.Select an event (flow) in the Process Designer, then edit, create or delete the Guard using the Action / Guard link at the bottom of the properties panel. The window to define or edit a guard will be displayed.

After defining a Guard, you can Save it and then the Guard will be added to the List To edit a guard, select it and click on edit in the toolbar.

Three options will be shown in the Edit menu i.e ,Properties,Code and Designer.

Properties: The properties of the guard can be edited
Code: The script form will be opened and you can insert the code and queries .
Designer: The designer form opens.