The search panel allow users to filter a list according to some criteria.


1. Create a new form management Leave the “Entity” field empty

Because this control is not link to any entity/attributes created in the Entity designer, when the user is in the designer there is a second called “Form Entity”

2. Go to the tab “Form Entity”
3. Right click on the first level of the tree.
4. Click “New Field”
5. Give a name and Title
6. Check Complex Type Must be checked because the data comes from another form
7. Check List and click on […]
8. Select the data will come from which Application and then Entity
9. Save Form

10. Return to tab “Designer’
11. Drag and drop the control “Search Panel”
12. Data member: Click on […] then select the entity created previously. In this example “BookList”

13. Drag and drop the controls that will be use to filter inside the search panel box. This box becomes the new canvas to design. It can have different layout and control type.
Those control can be any type, text box, drop downs, date… As long as they respect the data type associate to their attributes.

14. Add a grid to display the result
For more information about the control Grid Click here
15. Save Form
16. Add a new form behavior
For more information about form behavior Click here