The information contained in the Dropdown control can be a pull of the information form the data base (Dynamic) or can be a (Static) dropdown.

Creating Single-Select drop-down via Dropdown Data source

  1. In forms menu, open “Drop-down Data Sources”;
  2. Click on new or double click on an existing one to modify it;
  3. Select Static or SQL;
  4. Enter the data needed;
  5. Click OK to save and close.

A dropdown can also be created directly during the design process.

  1. Drag & drop the control “Single-Select dropdown” in the designer
  2. Connect the attributes to the control with “Data member”; (If was not created with Quick Form)
  3. Then, open the ‘Control binding”;
  4. Go to the second tab labeled “DropDown”;
  5. Click on the [+] sign;
  6. Follow the same step describe previously.