An event called by the system at certain times or over a period of time is called a “scheduled event”.

To define the scheduled event, open the process side menu, double click on the “Event” menu : Side menu

By selecting the event type in the event definition form, the “Scheduling” box is enabled to define the timing.

Note: If you select the “In Process” option, the defined scheduling event will be used and run automatically (without API) during the process. If you do not select the “ In Process” option, the scheduled event occurs outside the process and only occurs by selecting the option “Deploy TimedEvent” by right-clicking on the event sub-section.

Note: If an operation is required with each scheduled event, define its code in the event action. Learn more about Scheduled Event APIs , Click here
By selecting the “Add / Edit” button in the “Schedule” box, the scheduling form will appear to allow the user to define the Scheduler Trigger.