The details of the general tab are fully described in the form below, which is accessible by editing or creating a task.

1. Name

The name of a unit that is defined for a task. Must be unique.

2. Title

The title in this box is the same as the title displayed everywhere in the application. The title in this box can be changed using the title template in the advanced tab.

3. Description

The description related to the task is written here.

4. Timesheet

If this option is selected, a timeline will be displayed at the top of the form. You can access the timeline form in two ways:

1. In the task list, select the timesheet button at the top of the form
2. Click on the button next to the task cart and then select the timesheet button

5. Priority and Confidentiality

The Priority and Confidentiality level of the tasklist can be set here for task assignees.

Using these two combos, you can set the priority and security level of the work in the Task List of the User.

It is possible to modify the columns display in the task list by selecting which columns to display:

6. Static principal

Static Principal are the recipients which are assigned to a certain stage of a process (Predefined in the API). Stationary receivers or recipients indicate to people (user, staff, group) that they are the ones who are going to perform work at this stage of the process.

To add a receiver, first select the button , then select the responsible type, the type of principal (user, staff, group) in the combobox and select the relevant responsible person from the list of authorities.

To remove the receiver, first select the appropriate user from the fixed list of recipients, and then click the button

If you want to add multiple recipients to the Static Principal list, you can choose one of the following options:

  • All: By selecting this option, the task is sent to the selected recipients.
  • Random: By choosing this option, the task is sent randomly to one of the recipients.
  • Sequential: By selecting this option, each time the task is sent, the task is sent to the selected authorities sequentially.

7. Defined principal

By choosing the “Defined” option and then selecting a responsible person, the work will be automatically sent to the responsible authority by the system.

  • Current Staff: The task is sent to the current staff.
  • Starter Staff: The task is sent to the Starter staff.
  • Current User: The task is sent to the Current user.
  • Starter User: The task is sent to the “Starter user”.
  • Current Staff Department Management: The task is sent to the “current manager’s side”. // The task is sent to the members of Management Department.
  • Starter Staff Department Manager: By choosing this option, the job will be sent to the “Starter staff manager” side.

8. Dynamic principal

Allows for the user-defined attribute to be selected using the button next to the Field Name box. Users will be able to select who to send the task to.

9. Department Management of static/dynamic principal
The Manager of the receiving unit will be also included in the task list.