The Application menu contains the following items:


The “BPM Application” form is displayed to create and save a new application with a Name and Title


The “Dependencies form will appear. You can remove items by selecting it in the tree and clicking on the “Yes” button

Export Application:

By selecting this option, depending on the export form setting, the selected application will create a backup file in the rba format.

Export Menu

1. Application Name: The application you need to export can be selected from the drop-down list.

2. Export file: The path to which the file will be exported to is specified here.

3. Password: By entering the password in this box, the output file will be locked can only be used by entering the password

4. Data transfer: The entity or field data of the application can be transferred to a database.

The list of selected application entities is displayed within this box. Each application can be selected by clicking the “Export” option.


An application can be imported into the DBP using the Import option.

To import an application, first click the button to select the rba file and then select the “Import” button.