bpmAppService.BPMSServices.MercuryService(user) User data.

Name Type of Return Input Parameter Description
GetStaffManagerByUser System.Collections.Generic.List string currentUser The Manager calls based on user
GetStaffManagerByUser Rayvarz.Profiles.Principal string currentStaff Calling the position manager on the side
GetUserManagerByUser System.Collections.Generic.List string currentUser User call manager based on user
GetUserManagerByStaff System.Collections.Generic.List string currentStaff User call manager Based on the position
GetUsersByGroupCode System.Collections.Generic.List string groupCode Call users based on group code
GetDepartmentByStaff Rayvarz.Profiles.Department string currentStaff Call Department based on Staff
GetDepartmentByUser System.Collections.Generic.List string currentUser Call Department based on the user
GetUserStaffs System.Collections.IDictionary string currentUser User call
GetManagerOfBeforeCEODepartment Rayvarz.Profiles.Staff Rayvarz.Profiles.Staff staff Calling Manager before the CEO
GetManagerOfUpperDepartment Rayvarz.Profiles.Staff Rayvarz.Profiles.Staff staff Calling manager above the specified side unit
CurrentUserDepartment System.Collections.Generic.List Calling the current user’s Department
CurrentUserManager System.Collections.Generic.List Calling current user manager
CurrentUserStaffs System.Collections.IDictionary Call the current UserStaff
CurrentStaff Rayvarz.Profiles.Staff Call current current Staff
ManagerOfCurrentStaff Rayvarz.Profiles.Principal Call the manager of current staff
StarterStaff Rayvarz.Profiles.Staff Initialization call
ManagerOfStarterStaff Rayvarz.Profiles.Principal Returns the manager of process initiator
CurrentUser Rayvarz.Profiles.User Call the current user
StarterUser Rayvarz.Profiles.User Starter User Call
CurrentDepartment Rayvarz.Profiles.Department Calling the current Department
GetManagerId string string userStaffId Calling the Manager ID by Position
GetManager Rayvarz.Profiles.Principal string userStaffId Returns a manager of a Staff
GetPrincipal Rayvarz.Profiles.Principal string principalId Principal call based on id
GetManagersOfCurrentStaff System.Collections.Generic.List Returns all of the managers of the current staff
ManagersIdOfCurrentStaff string A string of characteristics of current side managers output = ‘D4E875A0-6ABE-4D3E-B532-8BDAB3775477’, ‘BE44F4B8-8A13-4AF7-B19A-6785C5A4F0A8’
GetAllGroups System.Collections.Generic.List string principalId Calling all user groups