(Scripting) Rayvarz.BPMApp.BPMSTest.FormControls .


Name Control
string name = formControl.RayNumericTextBox1.Id;

Enable and disable control
formControl.RayNumericTextBox1.Enabled = false;
formControl.RayNumericTextBox1.Enabled = true;

Visible control
formControl.RayNumericTextBox1.Visible = false;
formControl.RayNumericTextBox1.Visible = true;

Mandatory data control
SetRequiredFieldValidate(string message, string validationGroup)
formControl.RayNumericTextBox1.SetRequiredFieldValidate(“Enter data”, validationGroup);

Data range control
SetRangeValidate(string message, string validationGroup, double minValue, double maxValue)
formControl.RayNumericTextBox1.SetRangeValidate(“The data is between 0 and 10 “, validationGroup, 0, 10);

Setting an entity ID (DomainObject)
If you want to store an entity id with a certain value in the database, we will write the assignment script in action before the start form.
domainObject.Id = new Guid(“80E67399-606F-49D4-AFBC-EEE8067B55D2”)