1. ID:
Select the “new” button in the template logic to display the template definition form. Select the associated entity, the title, and identifier.

2. Title:
Assign the template logic to a template with a title in this field.

3. Language:
Select the type of language in which the command can be written in this box.

4. Entity:
One of the essential fields when creating the logic of a template is to identify the related entity that can be selected using this box.
After specifying the logic of the template, the form logic is added to the list of logs by storing the form.


The following section demonstrates how to edit the logic of the template, three field options, code, or design:

Edit Properties: By selecting this option, the form for editing the logic of the template will open to change the profile.

Edit Code: By choosing this option, the script form opens the parameter definition for insertion of the clause and API.

Designer: By choosing this option, the design form is selected to determine the behavior.