Clicking the new button in Event Action/Guard will display a form as shown below:

1. Name:

The unique identifier for the action or guard.
Note: You will not be able to save if the name does not follow c# naming conventions

2. Title:

The displayed title of the action or guard.

3. Language:

The coding language can be selected in this box.

4. Entity:

When creating an Action/Guard it is mandatory to select the entity associated with it.

5. Scope:

If an EventName is selected in this box, the Action/Guard is executed at the same time as the event occurs.
To remove an “EventName ,” Click the button and remove the event from the list.

6. Process:

By selecting a process, the Action/Guard will run only in that process

7. Process Version:

By choosing a process version, the Action/Guard will be triggered only for that particular Process. By default, we use Process Version 1 and it will execute actions in all versions of the selected process. If we select process ‘Version -1’ (minus one) indicates that a particular Action/Guard will be called on all processes

8. State Name:

By selecting a state, the Action/Guard will be executed only when that particular state occurs.

Event Process State Description
Select one Event/Guard Any(-1) Any The selected Event/Guard will be called by all processes and States
Select one Event/Guard Select one process Any The selected Event/Guard will be called only by one process but in all states
Select one Event/Guard Select one process Select one state The Event/Guard selected will be called for the particular process in one state
Select one Event/Guard Select one process Any All Event/Guard will be called in that particular process.