An event action is an action that takes place simultaneously with the event.

Event actions can be selected in two ways:

1.Select the “Event Action” under the “Business Logics” set in the Open Application Tree

2. Select the event in the Process Diagram section, then edit, create or delete the event using the Action / Guard link.

Defining Event Action:

Select the new button to define a new event action

Then a window will be displayed to allow the user to define the event action:

For more information, see 7.4 General features of Action and Guard

Editing Event Actions

After defining an Event Action, you can Save it and then the action will be added to the Action List You can edit an action by selecting it and then clicking on the Edit button on the toolbar.

Three options will be shown in the edit menu: Properties, Code and Designer.

Properties: The properties of the action can be edited
Code: The script module will be opened and you can insert the codes and queries .
Design: The designer form is displayed.

For more information, see 7.4 General Features of Edit