An action that takes place after the submission of a form is called Post Form Action.

Defining Post Form Action

Post Form Action can be defined in two ways:

1. Select “Post Form Action” under the “Business Logic” set in the open application tree

To execute the action, first modify the behavior in the “Form Behaviour”, then select the defined action in the Advanced tab in the “Post-Form Action” box.

By Clicking the New Button ,there will be two sub menus:

Based on the action which is to be carried out, the action can be selected and/or defined similar to Post Form Actions.

Example of Post Form Action

If we have a mandatory field named ‘Name of Employee’ we can write a Post Form action so that whenever a user tries to submit the form without filling in the ‘Name of Employee’ field, an error message will be displayed.

The rule should be written as follows:

If(domainObject.NameOfEmployee ==null)
{ actionResult.Result = Rayvarz.BPMS.RuleModel.Result.Error; actionResult.Message = “Please select the Name of Employee”;