An event called by the system at certain times or over a period of time is called a “scheduled event”.

To define the scheduled event, first select the new button (See 6.3), then specify the event type, name and title.

By selecting the event type in the event definition form, the “Scheduling” box is enabled to define the timing.

Note: If you select the “In Process” option, the defined scheduling event will be used and run automatically (without API) during the process. If you do not select the “ In Process” option, the scheduled event occurs outside the process and only occurs by selecting the option “Deploy TimedEvent” by right-clicking on the event sub-section.

Note: If an operation is required with each scheduled event, define its code in the event action (See 8.2.3). Learn more about Scheduled Event APIs … (See 12)

By selecting the “Add / Edit” button in the “Schedule” box, the scheduling form will appear to allow the user to define the Scheduler Trigger.