The third step in setting up the “signature and user image control” is to specify the associated control attribute in the “control profile” box, which is displayed in the left pane of the form design by selecting control in the form sheet.


Current form behaviors are displayed in the “form” section.

Enable: If this option is selected, the control will be enabled on the web.
Disable: If this option is selected, the control on the web is disabled and cannot be changed by the user.
Invisible: If this option is selected, the controls will be invisible to the users on the web.

2.Initial value

The initial value must be selected for the signature and user image

3. Relationship with the entity

Clicking on this section and choosing the button , will display the object browser to select an attribute. For more about the object browser see

4. Location

The location of the image display in the control (Left, Center, Right)

5. Control name

The name of the control used in the coding environment

6. Height

The height of the user’s signature frame or image can be specified.

To add the control for select users, the user should add GridView attributes to the Form (see, Grid control).

After adding attributes, connect the new Grid View to the list of Users (see, Grid control).

Select Data

Web display: