When clicking on a control, the property window of that control will be displayed on the right side.


Attributes and binding properties of the control

DataMember: The attribute that is linked with the control. Click on the “…” button to link the control to an attribute

  • The object browser window will appear. To select an attribute, select it and click “Select”. To unselect a chosen attribute, select and click “Unselect”

Control Binding:

1. Call at loading page

By choosing this option and then defining the action, each time the form is opened on the web, the Action form control is executed if “Active” checkbox is switched on.

2. Action control form

It is possible to define and edit the action using a designer, or by writing code. You can define or add an action by clicking the “+” button or delete the action by clicking the “-” button.

3. AutoPostBack

By choosing this option, with each change in the control (creating, editing, typing, selecting, etc.), all the selected controls are updated in the form.

4. Code Item List

Each time the form is updated on the Web, the actions selected on this list are executed in the order specified.

5. Grid controls and dropdown lists

Each time the form is updated on the web, the selected controls in the list are called in again.