An event with the initiating source being a human being and is triggered by a clickable button in the form is called “human event”. since it requires manual input.

By clicking on the new button (See 6.3), the event form will be displayed, which includes general and advanced tabs:

General tab

1. Event type

The type of the event can be selected .

2. Name

The unique name of the event

3. Title

The title entered in this box is the title displayed on the form.

4.Event Icon

If an icon is uploaded in this section, the icon will be displayed in the background of the button in the form.

By clicking on the “+” button, a form appears which allows users to add and delete pictures, as well as selecting them from a directory.

Selecting the button will delete the selected icon for the event.

5. Run background

If this option is selected, the event title defined in the right-click task in the map will be visible and can be executed without the need to view the form.

6. Has Timesheet

If this option is selected, when the event is executed, a timestamp of the work will be recorded.

Advanced Tab

Entity/Behaviour: The event must be related to an entity. Form behaviours can be specified.

Access: The users who have been added will see the display event when viewing the child’s form (Those who have the “save and new” and “save and return” buttons)

: By selecting this button, the list of users, positions and groups in the system can be selected and added.
: This button will remove the selected person/user/group from the list.