Determining the response deadline and the time and cost of doing a task in the “analytical data” tab is a function that can be used to prepare reports for analyzing existing organization activities using the Report Generator Reporting Tool (ARPG). The details of the “analytical data” tab are fully described in the image below, which is accessible by editing or creating a task (See 6.2).

1. Response Duration

The time it takes to respond to the task.

2. Analytical Data

Predicted Operative Time: The anticipated time to complete a task. i.e, the time interval between the creation of the task and its completion.

Predicted Time: The actual time spent on the task.

3. Predicted costs

Predicted Cost Per Hour: Cost of real-life forecasting for each hour. Cost per hour of work remaining in the cart imposed on the organization.

Predicted Operative Cost Per Hour: The cost of forecasting the stopping of work for each hour. Cost per hour of useful activity on work imposed on the organization.