After a while, the policies and processes may change in the organization, and these changes can be applied to the process in two ways:

1. Add New Version

When a new version is created, all ongoing processes instances will continue with the previous version and the processes defined after that will be in the new version.

To create a new version, first open the “Process Design” section of the open application tree, then select the “Right Click” and “Add New Version” option, and finally view the changes and apply the changes to the process.

Note: Each time you select “Add new version” in the process, a copy of the previous process is created.

2. Process Mapping

Another way to change the process is to use the “process mapping” form to change the state of work that has already begun.

Note: If the process is changed and the release button is selected, the “Process Mapper” form will be displayed. (See

In order to change the status of deleted activities, it is enough to put all activities in the “new status” column to determine what work started during that stage.

Note: By moving the status of the stage, in the process mapper form, the work in that state is transferred to the new state.