The “Settings” form is displayed.

1. Web Directory

The web address of the BPM application can be specified here.

NOTE: To view the Web application, the Web Directory must be entered correctly

2. Systems Tab

  • Release Mode: If checked, the program runs in Release mode. In this mode, there is no need to deploy the application every time modifications are made.
  • Compile scripts at run time: Changing the script and saving it does not require the application to be deployed
  • Enable logging(BPMS_Log table): The activities performed in the system are stored in the relevant table.
  • Cacheable: Data retrieval from the server memory is activated.
  • Enable WebArpg Menu: The Web Reporting Maker menu is enabled. The ARPG module is not enabled in this version

3. Workbench

To add a customer logo, first select the “…” button and then select the desired image.

The image can be removed by selecting the “Delete” button.

To set the web application title we can define the custom title under Set Title for each language.