By checking the “BPMS AdminConsole” module in the Features installer, the “Admin Console Configuration” form is displayed to update or install the AdminConsole.

Note: Installing and updating this module is mandatory.

1. Installation Folder

The AdminConsole installation path

2. Scheduler Server

If the Web Application is on a separate platform from the computer (AdminConsole), or if the Web server’s IP address is different from the computer’s, then in this section you can define the link between the Windows server and the server when the timed service is installed.

Note: If the web server and computer addresses are the same, there is no need to complete this section.

● Scheduler Server: The name or IP of the server to which the Scheduler is installed is specified in this box.
● Scheduler Port: The port number used in the scheduling service is specified in this box.
● Scheduler Service Name: The name of the scheduler service is specified in this box.