By selecting the “BPMS Database” module in the Features installer, the “Database Configuration” is displayed for updating or installing the database.

Note: Setting up a Digital Business Platform requires a database that stores information about the design and build of the system and the operating data of the processes.

Note: Installing and updating this module is mandatory.

1. Connect to existing Database

By choosing this option, the installation is performed on the DBP database in the system.
Note: This option is the default mode when the modules are updated

2. Create New Database

By selecting this option and then entering the database profile, the DBP database is created with the chosen name.
Note: This option is the default mode when the modules are installed.

3. Server

The name or IP of the server where the database is located can be typed in this box

4. Database Name

The name of the database that you want to update or create can be typed here.

5. DB Username and Password

The user name “ray ” and password of the owner of the database is typed in this section.

6. Server Username and Password

Input a username for the server for Sys Admin (ex: sa) and its password.
Note: This section is enabled only if the option “Create New Database” is selected.

7. Check Connection

Selecting this button will verify the connection to the database.