bpmAppService.HelperServices.DateTimeService(datetime) Date and time information.

Name Type of Return Input Parameter Description
DateDiffGregorian TimeSpan DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate Difference between two dates
AddDate decimal decimal date, int years, int months, int days Add day, month, year, year to date (solar history)
DateDiffPersian TimeSpan decimal startDate, decimal endDate Difference between two dates (solar)
GetGregorianDate DateTime decimal persianDate Convert date format from Persian Calendar to Gregorian Calendar
GetDate DateTime decimal gregorianDate Return Date Type of a numeric date (yyyymmdd)
TimeDiff TimeSpan TimeSpan startTime, TimeSpan endTime Difference of two times
TimeAdd TimeSpan TimeSpan time1, TimeSpan time2 Sum two times
CurrentDate DateTime Today’s date
CurrentTime TimeSpan Time now
DayOfWeek string Day of the week