NOTE: You only need to calibrate if you notice readings are shifting towards one side. Do not use this calibration process as a part of regular maintenance.

Calibrate neuroTHERMAL:
Step 1: Go to Settings (Fig. 1).
Step 2: Go to Manage INSiGHT Bridge (Fig. 2).
Step 3: Select “Manage” (Fig. 3).
Step 4: Select “Calibrate neuroTHERMAL” (Fig. 4) – Make sure your neuroTHERMAL is powered on and in within 15-20’ of your INSiGHT Bridge.
Step 5: Select “Let’s Go” (Fig. 5).

  • Locate a small freckle on the inside of your forearm to use as a spot to carry out the calibration
  • DO NOT touch the instrument to the skin.
  • Hold the LEFT sensor ¼-½ inch away from the freckle.
  • The actual skin temperature will be shown.
  • In the box directly above the temperature reading, the Left temperature indicator will go from having a red circle with an “x” indicating. ”COLLECTING” to a green circle with a check, indicating “STABLE” (Fig 6).
  • Pull the trigger when stable.
  • Move the RIGHT sensor to the testing position over the same freckle.
  • Wait for the STABLE green light to occur (Fig. 7).
  • Pull the trigger when it appears.
  • Wait to see a button saying “COMPLETE” (Fig. 8).
  • Push the button and the calibration will be made to properly sync the data from the LEFT and RIGHT neuroTHERMAL sensors.
  • A blue notice will be shown at the bottom of the screen, indicating the level of calibration being made.

Step 6: After the calibration is complete you will be taken back to the Manage the INSiGHT Bridge page.

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