INSiGHT Scanning Technology – The entire suite of all of the scanning instruments provided by CLA, including the neuroTHERMAL, neuroCORE, neuroPULSE, spineSENSE, and spineROM.

neuroTECH – A bundle including CLA’s three neuro-scanning instruments, the neuroTHERMAL, neuroCORE, and neuroPULSE.

neuroTHERMAL – The wireless thermal scanner allows you to measure spinal nerve control of organs and glands to help you identify areas with poor autonomic regulation.

neuroCORE – The wireless EMG scanner allows you to measure the tone of muscles along the entirety of the spine, which helps you pinpoint overactive and exhausted neuromuscular areas.

neuroPULSE – The wireless heart rate variability scanner measures heart rate, temperature, and anxiety simultaneously, allowing you to observe overall balance and activity levels of the autonomic nervous system.

spineSENSE – The algometer scanner measures sensitivity of paraspinal issues to map out pressure and pain sensitivity along the body.

spineROM – The spinal range of motion scanner measures the amount of movement that your body is given due to the current state of your muscles.

INSiGHT Bridge – A small yet powerful data storage and computing device that is required to operate Synapse. The INSiGHT Bridge connects Synapse to the INSiGHT Scanning technologies and allows the INSiGHT to be used with or without internet connectivity.

Synapse – Powers all wireless INSiGHT Scanning Technologies. Synapse provides access to a powerful cloud-based portal to ensure the privacy and security of patient data, analyzes and calculates scan data using proprietary algorithms and converts it into easy to interpret reports for both doctors and patients.

Synapse Doctor Portal – The web-based application which serves as the central hub for Synapse. It has all of the features of Synapse with some added administrative functionality. The Doctor Portal also lets you launch the web-based version of Synapse.

Scan Screen – The screen that is present during a scan, which leads you through the scan and allows you to moderate its progress.

Scan View – The different graphic representations of an instrument’s collected data that display it in a meaningful, easy to interpret form.

Exam – A visit where a patient is scanned with at least one piece of technology. These are sorted by date in Synapse.

Report – A congregation of data from selected instruments and exams that are analyzed to output a summary of a patient’s condition. As more exams are conducted with more instruments, further reports are compiled to give a complete picture of a patient’s health based on the data acquired from the scanning instruments.

CORESCORE Initial Report – This report will come up if you have scanned a patient with all three pieces of equipment. It gives an aggregate score of the patient’s nervous system.

CORESCORE Progress Report – This is report compares the initial report to the one directly after it. This report is compiled automatically after a patient has two CORESCORE reports completed.

CORESCORE Comparative – This report will give an overview of the patient’s initial, middle, and latest report. It is the third report generated in a sequence after the progress report.

CORESCORE Continuation Report – Once a patient has four or more CORESCORES, all reports will now be continuation. You can always select the number of CORESCORE reports to compare, but the first one will always be the latest.

Single Report – This is the report that will come up if you have just scanned with a single insturment. This is different from a simple scan as it formats the data into an easy-to-read report for patients. Each of the instruments in the neuroTECH bundle output a single report.

Dual Tech Report – This report is designed to highlight exams within a 7 day window to show the results of selected scans on one report. This can be generated with any two piece combination of any neuroTECH instruments.

Narrative – A narrative report includes data from the scan and offers a narrative describing the purpose of scanning and the results. Narrative reports can be used for communicating the complexity of the results to other health practitioners, insurers and lawyers. Scan views can be taken out of context when used to share data with uninformed third parties. Narrative reports help bridge that gap. They are available in the reporting section of the app.

Table – The data tables are valuable to review the intricacies of the actual data that has been collected and then used to calculate a variety of scores. These are important tables to share with other health practitioners or research affiliates so that the actual data can be analyzed in this table format.