The use of Switch Wi-FI is for applications where you might need take your INSiGHT Bridge from your primary scanning environment to another environment temporarily. The most common example might be switching between your office and home.

Follow these instructions to successfully move locations:
Step 1: Confirm you are in “Online Mode” before you attempt to switch Wi-Fi. Screening/Offline Mode does not allow the ability to Switch WiFi as you are not connecting to the cloud servers.
Step 2: Once your device (iPad/Computer) is on the new locations Wi-Fi network and you have logged into the iOS app or Launch App go to “Settings” (Fig 1).
Step 3: Select Manage INSiGHT Bridge (Fig. 2).
Step 4: Select Manage (Fig. 3).
Step 5: Select Switch WiFi (Fig. 4).
Step 6: Complete the remaining steps as displayed on the application by hitting connect (Fig. 5) (This process mimics the steps you used in Onboarding and the same requirements apply).

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 5